First painting 
24"x24" on plyboard

"Yenna" ...what my first grandchild called me

                            and it stuck.

When I discovered Unicorn Spit, a magical paint/stain that is great fun to create with,  I jumped in wholeheartedly, happily painting everything that didn't run from me!  Large canvases and boards soon became my favorite targets.  

     The NOT fun part comes after the creative process is done - for the colors to pop and to achieve depth that draws you in, the art must be sealed, preferably with epoxy.  It is really really hard to get it right.  Your work table must be exactly level.  The room temperature must be  between 70 and 80 degrees.  And dust free.  You must protect your eyes and lungs. You must be willing to clean up sticky messes, no matter how hard you try not to mess. 

          Despite a truly horrible sealing job on my first painting, pictured here, I was excited about it, and asked  the opinion of our CPA, who has an amazing collection of modern, original art in his offices.   His response changed my life. "When you master the glazing," he said, "I want to commission you to paint me a Triptych."  I didn't know what a Triptych was, but of course I said "Sure!"   Furthermore, he said there was no hurry.  I left walking on air - a commission!!!!.Six months and lots of practice later, I delivered the perfectly glazed Triptych and it was hung behind the reception desk of his office.  And now I now have a house full of vibrant, happy practice paintings. 

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Association for Visual Arts, Chattanooga, Tennessee